We work with businesses of all sizes, locations, and industries across NZ and ensure our branding, print and digital solutions bring more customers through your doors!

Our mission is to provide customers with full-scale, creative, practical graphic design work, and visual communication services that take them to the next level.

We’re all about investing time in getting to know your business, brand values, and goals to bring the best outcome. 

In a saturated market and world of instantaneity, you don't have very long to make an impression. That's why it is important to have an effective one!

We create powerful and effective designs based on your business objectives to ensure high engagement with your customers and to attract new ones. 

Whether it’s digital or print, investing in professional graphic design helps your business communicate its message more powerfully and boost sales.

We're here to enhance your company’s image and give you the best visual tools you’ll need to market yourself successfully.

Logos & Branding

Capture the essence of your brand with a custom refined logo; simple and highly responsive across all platforms. 

Logo design
Logo design tailored to reflect your business

Your logo is an identifying element that is usually the first part of customers recognising your business. Therefore, it’s essential for it to effectively communicate the essence of your brand quickly. We create impressive and engaging logo designs that set the tone of your business and help you to stand out. 


Logo Design

Brand guidelines


New business packages

Web Design & Build

Invest in a customised website that not only allows potential clients to find you on search platforms but also impresses them with great design and functionality.

Engaging website design

Great website design is easy to navigate, inspires curiosity, heightens trust, and encourages new clients to contact you by creating a compelling online presence that sets your business apart.


One-page website

Multi-page website

Responsive web design

E-commerce websites


Graphic Design
& Visual Content Creation

Communicate with your customers with the timeless craft of printed media, or complete your digital presence and equip your business with engaging promotional content. 

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Enhance your company’s image and equip yourself with the best visual tools 

Despite the world moving into the digital space, print still has a powerful place in your overall graphic design strategy. Print marketing provides a tangible representation of your company, it’s something customers can hold in their hands.



Business cards

Letterhead design

Event posters



Menu/Price lists

Brochure design

Annual reports




Pull-up banners

Leaflet design

Product labelling


Social media artwork

Instagram grids


What's our design process?

Foggy Mountains


Hey there, my name is Sarah!


Goldfish Media came to life during my evenings and weekends while my desire to pursue a passion that was uniquely my own, continued to brew. 

I have a strong connection to Eastern culture due to living in Asia for many years, which is where the inspiration for the name Goldfish came from. It is a symbol of prosperity, good luck and good fortune. This is something I hope to bring to my clients businesses through research, strategy and creative innovation. 


Design has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I’m inspired by bright, bold colours, minimalism, textures, music, travelling and nature.